Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Paper circle flowers

Paper circle flowers 

Start with 7 circles, 5 of one colour for the petals and 2 of a different colour for the middle and the back of the flower.

I used a circle punch that I had for these circles but they can be cut just as easily by hand.

The petals need to be folded so that the crease forms a V shape as above in the picture the outer edges of the circle should both meet folded

Fold all 5 then turn the petals over so you have the smooth unfolded side and stick one of the other colour circles to the back of them. you will need to arrange the petals so you know where to put them and space them out

The last thing to do is now stick the last circle to the front of the flower. With both the back and the front circles stuck on the flower is very rigid.
Know they can be used for whatever crafty things you have in mind, cards, pictures or use instead of a bow on a present.

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